Featured image for blog post on the packers dominance over the NFC. It shows Sterling Sharpe's touchdown against the Lions in the 1993 Wild Card Game.

      Packers Have a Winning Record Vs Every NFC Team

      One of the most impressive stats about the Packers storied franchise is that they have a winning record all-time against every single team in the NFC.

      Packers NFC Record

      In total, the Packers are 620-481-27 against the NFC for a 55% winning percentage while scoring 23,814 points to 21,400 points.

      Highest Winning Percentage

      Carolina Panthers

      The Packers highest winning percentage against an NFC opponent is against the team they have played the fewest times, the Carolina Panthers. They have only played the Panthers 18 times total (17 regular season and 1 playoff) and are 12 and 6 against them with a scoring advantage of 505 to 406.

      Lowest Winning Percentage

      The team closest to having a winning record versus the Packers is the Rams. The Packers lead the series by an ultrathin margin of 50-47-2 (50.5% winning percentage). The Packers have outscored the Rams 2,278 to 2,247

      Biggest Win Loss Differential

      The biggest discrepancy between wins and losses has come against the Lions with the Packers having 30 more wins (106-76-7). The biggest point differential is also against the Lions with the Packers having outscored them b 479 points (4,039-3,560).

      Closest Win Differential

      Although the Rams are closest to having a winning percentage against the Packers, they trail the win column by 3 games while the Atlanta Falcons only trail by 2. The Packers lead the Falcons 19-17.

      Packers and 49ers Tied for Regular Season Points

      The Packers and 49ers have played 63 times during the regular season and each team has scored exactly 1,315 points. Surprisingly, the Packers actually have the point advantage if you include playoff games even though the 49ers have won 6 of 10 because the Packers have won by 10, 21, 13, and 10, while the 49ers have won by 3,14,3,17,3,3.

      NFC Dominance Figures

      • The Packers will have a winning record against the NFC until at least 2025
      • If the Packers lost to Lions twice every year plus once in the playoffs, it would still take 10 years for them to even the series.
      • The Packers were 4-4 versus the Seahawks when they were in the AFC but have gone 11-5 against them since the moved to the NFC
      • The Packers are 279-229-16 against the NFC North
      OpponentGamesPackers WinsOpponent WinsTiesPackers Winning Pct
      Carolina Panthers18126066.67%
      New Orleans Saints281810064.29%
      Seattle Seahawks24159062.50%
      Philadelphia Eagles472918061.70%
      Arizona Cardinals784826461.54%
      Tampa Bay Buccaneers593424157.63%
      Dallas Cowboys392217056.41%
      Detroit Lions18910676756.08%
      Washington Commanders402217155.00%
      New York Giants643428253.13%
      San Francisco 49ers733834152.78%
      Atlanta Falcons361917052.78%
      Minnesota Vikings1276658351.97%
      Chicago Bears20810795651.44%
      Los Angeles Rams995047250.51%

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