Mason Crosby Kinda Sucks

      I feel I’ve been duped. I have been so brash about the Packers having one of the best kickers in the league with Mason Crosby. I mean he has to be, right? I mean if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have made it 16 years in this league. Then I did a stupid thing and actually looked at his numbers and they’re not good. I think I remember his clutch kicks against the Cowboys in the playoffs and extrapolated that over his whole career. Not only is he not good, he aspires to be average. 

      Field Goal Percentage By Season

      Let’s first take a look at where he ranks each year since he’s been in the league, based on field goal percentage against kickers with a minimum of 10 kicks per season.


      He has ranked lower than 20th for over half of the seasons he has been in the league and has only ranked in the top five twice.

      Kicking at Lambeau

      I know what you’re thinking, “Give him a break bro. He kicks at Lambeau in the cold weather. His stats are going to be worse than other kickers.” That’s a fair point so I found several kickers who were in the league for about the same amount of time and kicked outdoors in cold conditions. I chose the following kickers. 

      Chris Boswell (Steelers 2015-2021)21418887.90%
      Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots 2006-2019)42837487.40%
      Robbie Gould (Bears 2005-2016)33328685.90%
      Phil Dawson (Browns 1999-2012)36330584.00%
      Nick Folk (Jets 2010-2016)21317582.20%
      Mason Crosby (Packers 2007-2021)45837281.20%

      Anytime you’re on a list and looking up at Nick Folk, you know things are not going well for you.

      Chip Shot Crosby

      Enough with the negativity; here’s some good news: he’s really good at making chip shots and kicks he should make. Now back to the negativity: he’s kind of terrible from beyond 50 yards. Here is how he performed versus other kickers during his career (2007-2021) based on distances.

      Under 30 Yards

      Stephen Gostkowski11811497%
      Robbie Gould10910899%
      Mason Crosby10410298%
      Nick Folk1029593%
      Matt Prater1029997%
      Matt Bryant1019998%
      Adam Vinatieri979497%
      Phil Dawson948894%
      Ryan Succop848298%
      Justin Tucker8383100%

      See? When the kicks are inside of 30 yards, he’s lights out. Only the G.O.A.T. and Robbie Gould are better. So as long as the Packers can make it to the 12 yard line, you can count on Mason to make the kick.

      30 to 39 Yards

      Mason Crosby14012186%
      Stephen Gostkowski13512492%
      Robbie Gould12211191%
      Nick Folk11010192%
      Matt Prater11010091%
      Greg Zuerlein1069892%
      Adam Vinatieri1069186%
      Matt Bryant1059691%
      Ryan Succop1019392%
      Justin Tucker989597%

      Now things are getting a little trickier. Of the kickers with the 10 most attempts, he is tied for the worst percentage. The good news is that he is tied with Adam Vinatieri who is likely headed to the Hall of Fame.

      40 to 49 Yards

      Robbie Gould14011280%
      Stephen Gostkowski1309976%
      Mason Crosby1289574%
      Nick Folk1219074%
      Ryan Succop1209075%
      Matt Prater1178169%
      Justin Tucker11110090%
      Adam Vinatieri1068681%
      Sebastian Janikowski1008181%
      Matt Bryant988183%

      Again he is near the bottom but at least he is better than Matt Prater.

      50 Yards and Beyond

      Matt Prater896674%
      Sebastian Janikowski824859%
      Mason Crosby744257%
      Greg Zuerlein693855%
      Justin Tucker664873%
      Brandon McManus593254%
      Matt Bryant583866%
      Adam Vinatieri543769%
      Phil Dawson533668%
      Nick Folk533260%

      This is rough. It’s basically a coin flip once he has an attempt greater than 50 yards. 

      So do I feel good about him being the Packers kicker? No. Did he have a good game in a huge playoff game once? Yes. On a positive note, he did miss the kick that got Mike McCarthy fired