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      Antonio Morrison’s Two Trades

      There was a linebacker named Antonio Morrison who played one year with the Packers in 2018 after they traded for him. What makes his story unique is that the Packers also traded away a pick in a previous year that ended up being used to select Morrison.

      2016 Draft

      In 2016 the Packers had the 57th overall pick and the Colts had the 48th pick. The Packers sent three picks in order to move from 57 to 48 to draft tackle Jason Spriggs. They sent the Colts their 57th pick as well as picks 125 (4th round) and pick 248 (7th round). The Colts ended up using pick 125 to draft Antonio Morrison out of Florida. As you can see from his relative athletic score card, he is one of the worst athletes to ever test at the Linebacker position and ran a 5.1 forty. Spriggs on the other hand was very athletic… he just wasn’t very good.  

      Colts Years (2016-2017)

      He only played in 4 games his rookie season accumulating 52 combined tackles but his second year in the league, he started 15 games led the Colts with 109 tackles.

      2018 Training Camp Trade

      At the end of training camp in 2018, the Packers traded Lenzy Pipkins for Morrison straight up.

      Relative Athletic Score Card for Lenzy Pipkins. Overall score: 4.71. Hand Size: 9. Composite Size Grade: Good. Height: 5117 (7.57), Weight: 196 (7.71), Bench: 11 (3.38). Composite Explosion Grade: Very Poor. Vertical: 33.5 (3.29), Broad: 905 (1.36). Composite Speed Grade: Great. 40 Yd Dash: 4.46 (7.84), 20 Yd Split: 2.59 (7.73), 10 Yd Split: 1.51 (9.20). Composite Agility Grade: Very Poor. Shuttle: 4.4 (1.66), 3-Cone:7.31 (1.07)
      Courtesy of ras.football

      2018  Season

      Morrison played 16 games for the Packers (started 8) and ended up with 48 combined tackles and one sack (Tom Brady). He would be released before the start of the next season and would never play in the NFL again.

      Stats for Players Involved in the Trades

      PlayerFirst SeasonLast SeasonGames PlayedGames Started
      Antonio Morrison201620184727
      Jason Spriggs201620215910
      Lenzy Pipkins20172018152

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