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      All 52 Packers Pick Sixes Since 2000

      Since the year 2000, the Packers have returned 52 interceptions for a touchdown. 38 quarterbacks on 23 different teams threw pick sixes to 28 different players on the Packers.

      Which Teams Have the Packers Had a Pick 6 Against Since 2000?

      The Packers have returned an interception for a touchdown against the majority of the teams in the league, 23 of 31. Before I dive into which teams have thrown the most, a quick look at those elusive teams that haven’t thrown a pick six against the Packers:

      • Jets
      • Patriots
      • Bills
      • Ravens
      • Titans
      • Texans
      • Jags
      • Panthers

      Lions (11)

      The Lions as a team have had 11 passes intercepted and returned for touchdowns by the Packers since the year 2000, which is the most of any team. They’ve spread out the interceptions among four different quarterbacks.

      Joe Harrington (4)

      In Joey Harrington’s rookie year, he threw a pick six in both games he played against the Packers and both were returned by Marques Anderson. In their first meeting in September, Anderson returned one 78 yards for a touchdown, while the second one in their November game was much shorter at just 14 yards. In 2003, Harrington threw a pick 6 to Al Harris and the following year to Darren Sharper.

      Jon Kitna (3)

      Jon Kitna didn’t do much better than Harrington, as he had three passes returned for touchdowns and two came in one game. On September 14, 2008, he threw a pick 6 just four plays a part in the fourth quarter, one to Charles Woodson and one to Nick Collins. It had been a 34-25 before those passes but the game ended up 48-25.

      Matthew Stafford(3)

      Matthew Stafford has also thrown 3 as a member of the Lions, but he also threw one to Rasul Douglas as a member of the Rams. As a Lion, he threw one to Charles Woodson on Thanksgiving of 2009, and also found MD Jennings in 2012 before a long gap and getting picked off by Chandon Sullivan in 2020.

      Shaun Hill(1)

      Shaun Hill only threw one pick six against the Packers and once again it was Charles Woodson that returned it for a touchdown.


      Since the Bears always seem to have a new starting quarterback every week, it is no surprised that their pick sixes are much more spread out among different quarterbacks – eight to be exact with Rex Grossman throwing two. The most surprising thing to me while looking this up is that Jay Cutler only has one interception returned for a touchdown. Considering he threw 23 interceptions total against the Packers, it is kind of amazing only one was returned for a touchdown. Here are all of the Bears quarterbacks that have thrown a pick six to the Packers since 2000:

      • Justin Fields
      • Jay Cutler
      • Caleb Hanie
      • Rex Grossman (2)
      • Chad Hutchinson
      • Kordell Stewart
      • Jim Miller
      • Shane Matthews

      Vikings (5)

      The Packers have 5 pick sixes against the Vikings and all came against different quarterbacks. The first one of the millennium came against Spergon Wynn when Mike McKenzie picked him off and returned it 38 yards for a touchdown, while the most recent one was this past season (2022) when Darnell Savage picked off Kirk Cousins and brought back 75 yards for a touchdown.

      • Kirk Cousins
      • Christian Ponder
      • Brett Favre
      • Gus Frerotte
      • Spergon Wynn

      All Other Teams

      • Saints (2)
      • Rams (2)
      • Falcons (2)
      • Dolphins (2)
      • Cowboys (2)
      • Colts (2)
      • Chargers (2)
      • Washington (1)
      • Steelers (1)
      • Seahawks (1)
      • Raiders (1)
      • Giants (1)
      • Eagles (1)
      • Chiefs (1)
      • Cardinals (1)
      • Buccaneers (1)
      • Browns (1)
      • Broncos (1)
      • Bengals (1)
      • 49ers (1)
      Bar chart showing amount of pick sixes thrown by opponents of the Green Bay Packers since 2000

      Notable Quarterbacks the Packers Picked Off

      While there are many bad quarterbacks that the Packers have picked off, there were also some Hall of Fame (or future Hall of Fame) quarterbacks on the list as well.

      Peyton Manning (2)

      The Packers had two pick sixes against Peyton Manning in a 2008 game at Lambeau Field. The first one happened in the third quarter and Nick Collins returned it 62 yards and then in the fourth quarter, Aaron Rouse jumped a pass at the goal line and took it back 99  yards for a score.

      Eli Manning

      The Packers also intercepted Peyton’s brother and returned it for a touchdown. Clay Matthews picked off Eli in 2011 and brought it back 38 yards for the score.

      Philip Rivers (2)

      In that same 2011 season, the Packers returned two Philip RIvers’ interceptions for touchdowns and both happened in the first quarter. The first was by Charlie Peprah and the second by Tramon Williams.

      Matt Ryan

      Speaking of Tramon Williams, who can forget when he picked off Matt Ryan on the last play of the first half of the 2010 NFC Divisional game against the Falcons and brought it to the house.

      Ben Roethlisberger

      In one of Nick Collins final games as a Packer, he intercepted Ben Roethlisberger in the Super Bowl and brought it back for a touchdown to give the Packers a 14-0 lead.

      Brett Favre

      Last but not least, the gunslinger. In his second game back at Lambeau FIeld, he hit “Desmond Bishop between the 5  and the 5” as Paul Allen would say and Bishop brought it back 32 yards for the score.

      All Quarterbacks Who Have Thrown a Pick Six to the Packers

      • Joey Harrington (5)
      • Matthew Stafford (4)
      • Jon Kitna (4)
      • Rex Grossman (2)
      • Philip Rivers (2)
      • Peyton Manning (2)
      • Matt Ryan (2)
      • Todd Bouman (1)
      • Tim Couch (1)
      • Taylor Heinicke (1)
      • Spergon Wynn (1)
      • Shaun Hill (1)
      • Shane Matthews (1)
      • Ray Lucas (1)
      • Nick Foles (1)
      • Matt Leinart (1)
      • Matt Hasselbeck (1)
      • Mark Sanchez (1)
      • Kyle Orton (1)
      • Kordell Stewart (1)
      • Kirk Cousins (1)
      • Justin Fields (1)
      • Jim Miller (1)
      • Jay Cutler (1)
      • Gus Frerotte (1)
      • Eli Manning (1)
      • Derek Carr (1)
      • Damon Huard (1)
      • Dak Prescott (1)
      • Colin Kaepernick (1)
      • Christian Ponder (1)
      • Chad Hutchinson (1)
      • Carson Palmer (1)
      • Caleb Hanie (1)
      • Brian Griese (1)
      • Brett Favre (1)
      • Ben Roethlisberger (1)
      • Aaron Brooks (1)

      Most Packers Interceptions Returned for a Touchdown by Season

      When Dom Capers became the Packers defensive coordinator in 2009, the Packers were a defensive touchdown juggernaut. They had 3 pick sixes in 2009, 6 in 2010, and four in 2011. They had a pick six in three straight playoff games, including the Super Bowl in 2010. The second half of the decade, they didn’t fare so well and have not had more than two since 2014. They didn’t return any interceptions for touchdowns in 2013, 2016, or 2019.

      • 2022 (2)
      • 2021 (2)
      • 2020 (1)
      • 2018 (1)
      • 2017 (1)
      • 2015 (2)
      • 2014 (3)
      • 2012 (2)
      • 2011 (4)
      • 2010 (6)
      • 2009 (3)
      • 2008 (6)
      • 2007 (1)
      • 2006 (4)
      • 2005 (2)
      • 2004 (2)
      • 2003 (3)
      • 2002 (4)
      • 2001 (2)
      • 2000 (1)
      Line graph showing amount of pick sixes the Green Bay Packers have had since 2000
      courtesy of stathead.com

      Multiple Pick Six Games

      The Packers have had five games since the year 2000 in which they returned multiple interceptions for touchdowns. In addition to the Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, and Jon Kitna games mentioned above, they also had two against the Bears on New Year’s Eve 2006 and two against two different quarterbacks (Aaron Brooks and Todd Bouman) against the Saints in 2005.

      Packers Playoff Pick Six

      We Want the Ball and We’re Going to Score

      The first playoff pick since for the Packers of the new millennium was famous for Matt Hasselbeck’s bold prediction caught on a hot mic. On the sixth play of the Seahawks’ second drive of overtime, Al Harris jumped the route, picked it off and returned it 52 yards for the game winning touchdown.

      Halftime Backbreaker

      With only seconds to go before halftime and the Falcons only down seven and almost in field goal range, they tried to run one more play to get a little closer. They tried to run a sideline pattern but Tramon Williams jumped in front of it and returned it 70 yards. Although there was still another half to play, this ended the game for all intents and purposes.

      Raji Sends the Packers to the Super Bowl

      In a game in which the offense struggled against the Bears in the 2010 NFC Championship, BJ Raji gave the team the lift they needed when he fell back and picked off Caleb Hanie (playing for an injured Jay Cutler) and returned it in18 yards for a touchdown to put them up two scores.

      Nick Collins Super Bowl Pick Six

      After the Packers offense scored the first points of the game in the late first quarter of Super Bowl XLV, the defense joined in too on the Steelers next possession when Howard Green hit Ben Roethlisberger’s arm as he was throwing it, making the ball hang in the air which Nick Collins easily intercepted and returned 37 yards for a touchdown.

      Sam Shields Only Bright Spot Against the 49ers

      As of this writing, the Packers last playoff pick six came in the 2012 divisional round against the 49ers when on the fourth play of the game, Sam Shields stepped in front of a Colin Kaepernick pass and returned it 52 yards for a touchdown. It was one of the few bright spots on a day the rest of the team didn’t play very well.

      Packers Players Pick Six List

      • Charles Woodson (9)
      • Nick Collins (5)
      • Darren Sharper (3)
      • Al Harris (3)
      • Tyrone Williams (2)
      • Tramon Williams (2)
      • Rasul Douglas (2)
      • Mike McKenzie (2)
      • Marques Anderson (2)
      • Julius Peppers (2)
      • Damarious Randall (2)
      • Clay Matthews (2)
      • Sam Shields (1)
      • Quinten Rollins (1)
      • Patrick Dendy (1)
      • Nick Barnett (1)
      • Marquand Manuel (1)
      • M.D. Jennings (1)
      • Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (1)
      • Desmond Bishop (1)
      • De’Vondre Campbell (1)
      • Darnell Savage (1)
      • Charlie Peprah (1)
      • Chandon Sullivan (1)
      • Casey Hayward (1)
      • Bashaud Breeland (1)
      • B.J. Raji (1)
      • Aaron Rouse (1)

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