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      A Look Back At the Packers Games Jerome Boger Officiated

      I read the news that referee Jerome Boger is retiring and I say good riddance. He was the referee for 10 Packers games and while the Packers won 6 of those games, they were also penalized considerably more than their opponents. In those games, the Packers were penalized 76 times for 665 yards compared to 55 times for 545 yards for their opponents.


      12/24/2008 at Jaguars

      One of the few games the Packers were flagged less than the opponent (3-30 and 6-58) but it still didn’t help as the Packers, in Rodgers first year, lost to the Jaguars 20-16.

      10/18/2009 vs Lions

      The Packers were penalized a whopping 13 times for 130 yards compared to just 6 times for 40 yards for the Lions. What makes this remarkable is that the Packers still won 26-0

      10/14/2012 at Texans

      The “Shhhh” game. The Packers were flagged 4 times for 51 yards and the Texans 7 times for 69 yards (nice) as the Packers crushed the Texans on Sunday Night Football.

      01/12/2013 at 49ers

      The only playoff game on the list and it was a forgettable one. The Packers actually won the penalty battle with 5 penalties for just 26 yards compared to 8 and 86 for the 49ers. It didn’t help as the 49ers cruised to a 45-31 victory.

      10/06/2013 vs Lions

      Another home Lions game. Once again the Packers had double digit penalties, 10 for 72 yards compared to just 7 for 50 yards for the Lions. Once again though, the Packers won 22-9.

      01/01/2017 at Lions

      They loved giving Jerome Packers-Lions games. This one in Detroit and yet again the Packers had double digit penalties, 10 for 75 yards compared to just 5 for 30 for the Lions. And yet again the Packers won 31-24. I am starting to notice a theme in these games.

      10/22/2017 vs Saints

      Boger will always be remembered as the referee for Brett Hundley’s first NFL start. While the Packers had more penalties than the Saints, 8 to 7, the did have far fewer penalty yards, 54 to 80. The Packers still lost 26-17.

      11/10/2019 vs Panthers

      The first game in the Matt LaFleur era in which Boger was the referee. The Packers had double the amount of penalties, 10 to 5 and for more years 64 to 46. The Packers went on to win 24-16.

      10/18/2020 at Buccaneers

      This one was ugly on the field and the officials didn’t help. The Packers were flagged 6 times for 76 yards and the Buccaneers…. Zero. Apparently they didn’t commit a penalty all day, which I find hard to believe. Buccaneers won 38-10

      09/26/2021 at 49ers

      Another 49ers game in San Francisco but this one had a better result. The Packers were flagged 7 times to just 4 times for the 49ers but the yards were almost equal at 87-86 respectively. The game was almost equal too as Mason Crosby knocked through a last second field goal to send the Packers away with a 30-28 victory.

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